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Platform Lifts

Platform Lift

Inclined and vertical platform lifts overcome architectural constraints with cost and space efficiency.


As a freestanding unit the platform lift can minimize construction.


The platform lift is able to lift several inches to 14 feet. This makes the platform lift flexible in overcoming architectural barriers.


With doors, gates, and even a hoistway if needed, the platform lift is the solution to unsightly ramps.


The Platform lift is also available in an inclined version. This gives the platform lift the ability to be placed almost anywhere.


The platform lift can be a cost effective alternative to light commercial elevators.

Picture yourself arriving to work, school, church, or even the grocery and seeing the building built on a platform fifteen feet high with no stairs leading to the door. How would you enter or exit? How would feel seeing others inside? This sounds unrealistic, however, it is a reality to many disabled and mobility challenged people today. A platform lift can bring necessary and valued access for everyone who wants to enter. It can also help bring buildings up to code with the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed on January 26th 1992, which requires by law, commercial facilities be accessible to people with disabilities.

Lifts can vary greatly, that's why at Southern Mobility Products we specialize in helping you find the product that's best for you. After a free on-site evaluation we can show you what options are available and which will be the most cost effective.

Most platform units travel vertically, straight up or down to bring a person from one floor to the next. Others are designed to work on an incline, such as a stairway or a set of steps. Both products are most often smaller and more cost effective then an elevator.

For more information contact Southern Mobility Products and speak with a representative at 1-866-779-4960 or email us at info@smpelevators.com