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Stair Chairs


Installation is quick, giving you access to your entire house right away.


Ready at the push of a button, the stair chair allows you to travel between floors with easy.


For the fraction of the cost of an elevator, or moving, your home can be accessible on a budget.


The stair chair takes up very little space, and folds up to stay out of the way. With your choice of fabrics, you can match the chair to your home!

Over time the aging process can take many things away from us. What it doesn't have to take away, is your home. You should be free to move up and down your stairs at your convenience, any time of day. A stair chair is an effective, low cost alternative to climbing stairs. Even if your stairs curve or have multiple landings we have a chair to accommodate your needs. Never again will you have to dread a trip up or down your stairs. Installation is easy and most applications can be finished 2 weeks from initial order date. Your unit can fit on either side of the stairs to best fit your home. The track is also inconspicuous. If you're interested in a stair chair or have more questions, you can call Southern Mobility Products at 1-866-779-4960 or email us at info@smpelevators.com Stair chairs are also available for commercial applications. To see if a commercial stair chair can accommodate your business needs please contact us at any time.